Thursday, April 5, 2012

My 1st Europe Tour Updates

Hello guys! Greetings from Munich, Germany! I know it's been a while since my last post but thankfully, I finally had a few minutes to do this post. So yes, I'm finally here in Europe and have been here since March 30. The weather is a bit colder but as the days pass by, the Spring temperature is finally kicking in. The first 5 days were spent in a small town in Germany called Oberweyer. I can say that it's truly one unforgettable stop and made me feel less homesick. My German host family's generosity is admirable. I really wanna tell more about this place but I have little time to spare. I promise to do that on my next post. Meanwhile, here are snippets of what happened.

Typical German meal (Bratwurst, German lechon, loaf, Sauerkraut, Curry Ketchup, and Beer!) on a day with hosts after playing football, viking's chess and hockey. Another perfect day for barbecue. :)
Yummy Nutella cake baked by my host mother
 Ala Gossip
With my Alto-mates (Dani missing :c )
 One of the many beautiful churches in Germany (Limburger Dom)
Uhuh, pink lipstick is indeed perfect for Spring

 And finally, my adorable host brothers, Tim and Ben

 That ends my post and I hope you enjoyed my 1st update from our tour. In case you wanna ask, I will still continue makeup blogging but I haven't found new products yet to give a review on. So again, hope you could prolong your patience. Lol I already started checking out drugstores and department stores here for future finds. :) How's everyone? Oh btw, I'm finally on Instagram (Thank God for the Android version), so please do follow me to get more updates @glaceyloiz.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone! :)