Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome Aboard!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my make-up blog! Let me introduce myself first. I am Glacey Madel C. Loiz, 23 years old. I graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in BS Management Information Systems, Minor in Business Management. Yes, you read that right, my bachelor's degree has nothing to do with makeup. Haha! But that makes me love more what I'm doing.

This is my attempt to shout out to the world that:

1) I love makeup <3
2) And that I do accept clients too... Haha!

I really really wanna be a professional Make-up Artist but I know that I have yet to learn so many things about this craft. For the meantime, have a glimpse of what I have done so far. And hopefully, this blog (and the readers *ahem ahem*) will me help get there!

P.S. I am not a good writer so please bear with me. Maybe, I'll just bombard this blog with pictures. :)

Enjoy! :)

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