Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boldest of them All (MAC Morange & Sephora Mr. Lover review)

I know that it's raining cats and dogs outside. Boo Pedring! But since work has been suspended, might as well make this day productive. I've been reading and watching product reviews online the whole day. And after soaking in it, I guess it's about time to finally do my own product review. Hurray!!!

So today, I decided to do a review on 2 color popping lipsticks. I chose these 2 products because...One, I've been using these products for quite sometime already. And two, because I just really loooove bold lipsticks! Anyway, without further ado, here's my product review.

Sephora Rogue Lipstick in Mr. Lover
I got this lippie in Paris last Summer and that time, I've been looking for a bright pink lipstick. Thankfully, I got one from Sephora for around 11 Euros (roughly 660 Pesos). It's a pink fuchsia lipstick with cream finish.

I love the packaging cause it's sexy. There's actually a color swatch at the bottom part of the packaging (forgot to take a picture). It's brighter and pinker than what you see right now.

Bad thing is, you can't see the name outside the packaging. You have to open to see what shade it is (just the shade number and not the shade name).

Here's a swatch of the lipctick. I just did one swipe... so you could really tell how pigmented it is.

Sorry for my tiny and weird lips. Haha! Anyway, see how it looks on my lips. The finish is very creamy and has a bit of shine on it.

  1. Color (the perfect pink fuchsia lipstick)
  2. Cream finish
  3. Very pigmented that it actually leaves a cute stain on your lips after you take it off
  4. It's moisturizing
  5. It has a very yummy berry flavor (i'm not sure if it's black/blueberry)
  1. Packaging has no label
  2. Not available in the Philippines (Hello Sephora! Come here!)
Overall grade is 4.5 out of 5! :) Definitely a must-try product! :)

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Morange

Another cream lipstick in the house! I've been dreaming of this lipstick since last year (was in my wishlist!). Everyone has been raving about red lipstick but when I saw this in the magazine, I drooled over it. I love love love it's bold orange color. Seems to be a hit cause everytime I go to a MAC store, it's always out of stock. But because I was so desperate to have myself a bold orange lipstick, I searched for a good substitute (which I'll talk about later). Luckily, my brother bought me one while he was in NY (because it's cheaper there).

Morange is very bold and creamy. MAC Amplified lipsticks have that reputation. It glides smoothly on your lips, plus, it's very moisturizing.

BAM! Yes! It's bursting (more like screaming?) ORANGE! Truly, it's not for the faint of heart! LOL

You might find it chalky but it's oozing with creaminess! See?! However, it doesn't look as creamy on your initial application (and neon bright not to mention). But after a few minutes, the product settles on your lips and provides a very smooth finish. I'm sure you're worried about what makeup look would actually go with this lipstick. Well, you can go with a simple liner and mascara look, and let the lips stand out. The key is to experiment!


  1. Again, the screaming ORANGE color
  2. Creamy goodness
  3. Long lastinggggggg
  4. Glides on smoothly on my lips
  5. Will look good on anyone (Seriously)
  6. Pigment is just lovely

  1. None cause that's how much I love it!
YES! It's a perfect 5! This is my new favorite lipstick. A good substitute to the usual red lipstick.

So yeah, I know you might say that it's a bit expensive. Well, worry no more cause I found the closest yet cheapest dupe available! Haha! It's the.... (drum roll please) Kokuryu Moist Lipstick in Flame! Ano daw?!

I'm sure most of you haven't heard of this brand. Kokuryu is a local drugstore brand that you can find in most of the department stores (I think). I got mine from Landmark Department Store in Makati for as low as P142.75.

I almost can't tell the difference! Even the swatches look very very similar.

(Top: Morange, Bottom: Flame)

When I was taking a photo of my lips, I really thought that they are twin shades. But after putting the photos side by side, I now see the differences. Flame is not as creamy and as bright as Morange. The latter leans towards red-orange while the former one has a yellow-orange vibe. One thing I hate about Flame is the weird and funny smell of the product which I can't really explain. Hahaha! But then again, it's the CLOSEST dupe you can get.

TIP: By the way, just a tip when applying bold colored lipsticks. It's always better to first put on a nude lipliner before the actual product. Because it can get messy after a few hours of wearing it without securing/lining the edge of your lips.

There you go! I hope this was a helpful product review especially for girls who like bold lip colors, like me. Up next, something for your face! My review on some makeup remover, matifying gel and make-up fixer. Please watch out for it! That's it for now! Keep safe and dry! #PrayforthePhilippines
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wishful Thinking

Wisha wisha wisha wish! Who would have thought that a wishlist will be very handy to your friends. Last 2010, I made my Christmas wishlist and somewhere in the list is a dainty makeup traincase from Suesh. I've been planning to buy this traincase because my current one is already a mess. However, I didn't have enough funds to buy one that's why I kept on delaying my plan to purchase it. Also because I was still hoping that someone would grant my wish! (Feelingera lang) And I was right! My good friends (you know yourselves) gifted me my dream traincase.
Like what I told them, I was like a child opening a Christmas gift. The exterior is really pretty but wait till you see the inside. (Sorry for the low res camera pictures)
Tada! You could actually customize the dividers depending on the size of your makeup. Very spacious! Hmmm. Looks like I need to do some Spring cleaning cause this doesn't include the makeup products in my old traincase.
I really love the cushion on the handle. It makes carrying the case more comfortable. And the detachable strap! If your hands are tired, you can use the strap to carry the weight through your shoulders.

Thank you friends! You don't know how much you made me happy. Mainly because I know that you are there to support me on whatever venture I choose to do. This was not the first actually. I remember all the makeup stuff you gave me because you know how much I want to be a MUA. You're really one of the reasons why I won't give up on this passion of mine. Again, thank you! Ok, tama na... Bago pa ako maging cream cheese (waley).

Oh btw, I forgot to tell you that this post was made possible by my new Smart Netphone! I'll probably save my review for another post. But so far, I love it!

That's it! Au revoir! :)
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Jeng and Dek

Here's a post about my 2nd Pre-nup client (January 2011). Dek and Jeng just tied the knot last September 10, 2011 (Yes, 9-10-11! Cool right?). The Pre-nup location was at the classic and beautiful Fort Santiago!

 Jeng wanted something natural and fresh. She's naturally pretty that's why I didn't have a hard time putting up this look.
The brows are perfect for her hair color (I used MAC Girl Boy). Of course, Dek had to be groomed as well.

 I love this photo!

Dek and Jeng both work and live in Singapore. They took advantage of the long weekend (Chinese New Year I think?) and flew home to have their Pre-nup photoshoot. They even gave me a present from Singapore! It was my favorite Barbecue Pork Jerky from Bee Cheng Hiang. How thoughtful of them! :)

I was by the way accompanied by my good friend, Chrissie. Since we're near Chinatown, we went there to have authentic Chinese food for lunch!

Pardon me for the late posts, I've been busy with work and Glee Club. I really really want to share so many things about my makeup ventures so please bear with me if they are quite outdated and overdue. LOL Oh yeah! My reviews! I'll try to do it this weekend. I hope you're still patient enough to wait for it. :D


Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's in my Kikay Kit?

Don't you just love raiding other people's Kikay kit? Haha! Well I do! (My friends know that!) I always want to check out different makeup products and when i find it interesting, I try it out myself.

A few days ago, I asked my twitter friends on their Top 5 Kikay kit must-haves. Such a joy to read their response. But thankfully, this is not Twitter and I will not limit my list to 5! (Cause there's just too many great makeup products out there) Today, I'll give you my Lucky 12!

Here's what's inside my Makeup kit!

1. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC42

Love love the coverage! I found my best match since MAC has the best shade collection.

2. MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer in NC35 (Smart Officemates' gift)
This is best for us Filipinas who have yellow undertone. Like I said, this will instanly give you 8 hours of sleep.

3. IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Colour

This palette has 3 shades of brown that are closer to Asian hair color. I really prefer to use powder on my brows cause it's easier to blend. With this product, I can my make brows look thick. FYI: the thicker your brows are, the younger you'll look. Wag lang Unibrow! You can wear thick brows just as long as their well-groomed. They'll be perfect!

4. MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy (My sister's gift)

Another favorite! Gives texture to flat and too dark brows. Hindi na uso ang itim na brows. It should always be 2-3 shades lighter or darker (for blondes) than your hair color. You should try it yourself especially for girls with brown or blonde dyed hair. This will be your bestfriend.

5.Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Need I say more? It's world's best eyelash curler. Instantly makes my eyes pop and curl lasts all day!

6. Blistex Lip Tone SPF 15

By far the best lip balm I ever tried! What I like about this product is how it blends to your natural lip color. I hate it when strawberry flavored lip balm give your lips a harsh red color(color may depend on the flavor of your lipbalm. If it's orange, then BAM...there goes your orange lips! LOL). This doesn't only give you natural lip color but also moisturizes (No to chapped lips!). Some of the Atene College Glee Club boys use this product during performances as substitute to lipstick.

6. Herbench Prettywhenpinched Cheek and Lip Tint

Like I said in my tweet, this is a clone of Benefit Benetint but way cheaper. When I'm not in mood to put on makeup, I just put this on my lips and cheeks to add color to my face. Did I say that pigment lasts all day?

7. Benefit Coralista (Cas' gift)

The perfect company of #6! Coralista highlights your cheekbones without the nitty girtty process of contouring! You always look like your flushing.

The next products are things that I don't normally use everyday. They are my 'ADD-ONs'! Whenever I feel like changing my look for the day, I rely on these stuff that I also carry everyday.

8. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

I swear by this eyeliner! I love gel liners! I remember that this was recommended by the hired MUA for my sister's wedding (who btw only uses MAC and Lancome except for this one). He said that it's easy to use and glides smoothly to your lids. Plus, it comes with a handy brush (but I just wish it was a bit thinner).

9. Revlon Double Twist Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black

All girls in the Glee Club got PHP10k worth of makeup from Revlon and this is one of the products that we got (We actually have 2 of this). This gives the right length and volume however it can get clumpy at times. What I do is wipe off the excess formula on a tissue paper before I use it on my lashes.

10. Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Buff

If I want natural looking lips for the day, I use this product. I love how it gives color and moisturizes as well! But be ready to retouch it every now and then.

11. Revlon Matte Lipstick in Mauve It
Another product part of the Revlon freebie! I actually had the same shade before I got the freebie. Unfortunately/fortunately, I lost it days before they gave us the Revlon loot bag. Now I have 2! Weee! Super love the pinkish nude color! Goes well with smokey eyes!

12. MAC Russian Red (My brother's gift)
The best Red lipstick that will look good on anyone because it's blue-based red. Whenever I'm too lazy to put on eyeshadow or eyeliner, this is my go-to makeup. Brightens your face in an instant!

That's it! You might imagine that I have a big makeup kit but you'll be surprised and wonder how I can fit everything in it.

Share yours as well! I'd be very interested to know what's inside your makeup kit! :)
Btw, I'm super excited to share to you my new makeup traincase! Not the fancy kind but it's one of my dream makeup train-cases! :)