Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boldest of them All (MAC Morange & Sephora Mr. Lover review)

I know that it's raining cats and dogs outside. Boo Pedring! But since work has been suspended, might as well make this day productive. I've been reading and watching product reviews online the whole day. And after soaking in it, I guess it's about time to finally do my own product review. Hurray!!!

So today, I decided to do a review on 2 color popping lipsticks. I chose these 2 products because...One, I've been using these products for quite sometime already. And two, because I just really loooove bold lipsticks! Anyway, without further ado, here's my product review.

Sephora Rogue Lipstick in Mr. Lover
I got this lippie in Paris last Summer and that time, I've been looking for a bright pink lipstick. Thankfully, I got one from Sephora for around 11 Euros (roughly 660 Pesos). It's a pink fuchsia lipstick with cream finish.

I love the packaging cause it's sexy. There's actually a color swatch at the bottom part of the packaging (forgot to take a picture). It's brighter and pinker than what you see right now.

Bad thing is, you can't see the name outside the packaging. You have to open to see what shade it is (just the shade number and not the shade name).

Here's a swatch of the lipctick. I just did one swipe... so you could really tell how pigmented it is.

Sorry for my tiny and weird lips. Haha! Anyway, see how it looks on my lips. The finish is very creamy and has a bit of shine on it.

  1. Color (the perfect pink fuchsia lipstick)
  2. Cream finish
  3. Very pigmented that it actually leaves a cute stain on your lips after you take it off
  4. It's moisturizing
  5. It has a very yummy berry flavor (i'm not sure if it's black/blueberry)
  1. Packaging has no label
  2. Not available in the Philippines (Hello Sephora! Come here!)
Overall grade is 4.5 out of 5! :) Definitely a must-try product! :)

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Morange

Another cream lipstick in the house! I've been dreaming of this lipstick since last year (was in my wishlist!). Everyone has been raving about red lipstick but when I saw this in the magazine, I drooled over it. I love love love it's bold orange color. Seems to be a hit cause everytime I go to a MAC store, it's always out of stock. But because I was so desperate to have myself a bold orange lipstick, I searched for a good substitute (which I'll talk about later). Luckily, my brother bought me one while he was in NY (because it's cheaper there).

Morange is very bold and creamy. MAC Amplified lipsticks have that reputation. It glides smoothly on your lips, plus, it's very moisturizing.

BAM! Yes! It's bursting (more like screaming?) ORANGE! Truly, it's not for the faint of heart! LOL

You might find it chalky but it's oozing with creaminess! See?! However, it doesn't look as creamy on your initial application (and neon bright not to mention). But after a few minutes, the product settles on your lips and provides a very smooth finish. I'm sure you're worried about what makeup look would actually go with this lipstick. Well, you can go with a simple liner and mascara look, and let the lips stand out. The key is to experiment!


  1. Again, the screaming ORANGE color
  2. Creamy goodness
  3. Long lastinggggggg
  4. Glides on smoothly on my lips
  5. Will look good on anyone (Seriously)
  6. Pigment is just lovely

  1. None cause that's how much I love it!
YES! It's a perfect 5! This is my new favorite lipstick. A good substitute to the usual red lipstick.

So yeah, I know you might say that it's a bit expensive. Well, worry no more cause I found the closest yet cheapest dupe available! Haha! It's the.... (drum roll please) Kokuryu Moist Lipstick in Flame! Ano daw?!

I'm sure most of you haven't heard of this brand. Kokuryu is a local drugstore brand that you can find in most of the department stores (I think). I got mine from Landmark Department Store in Makati for as low as P142.75.

I almost can't tell the difference! Even the swatches look very very similar.

(Top: Morange, Bottom: Flame)

When I was taking a photo of my lips, I really thought that they are twin shades. But after putting the photos side by side, I now see the differences. Flame is not as creamy and as bright as Morange. The latter leans towards red-orange while the former one has a yellow-orange vibe. One thing I hate about Flame is the weird and funny smell of the product which I can't really explain. Hahaha! But then again, it's the CLOSEST dupe you can get.

TIP: By the way, just a tip when applying bold colored lipsticks. It's always better to first put on a nude lipliner before the actual product. Because it can get messy after a few hours of wearing it without securing/lining the edge of your lips.

There you go! I hope this was a helpful product review especially for girls who like bold lip colors, like me. Up next, something for your face! My review on some makeup remover, matifying gel and make-up fixer. Please watch out for it! That's it for now! Keep safe and dry! #PrayforthePhilippines
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  1. Love your review, Ate Glacey! Good job! Give us more! Hahaha! Favorite ko yang bright pink lipstick mo! ;>

  2. Thanks Ai! Hopefully may time gumawa. Haha! Yes! Looks good on you too! :)

  3. Saw this now lang. Haha love the Morange on you talaga. :)

  4. The Sephora lipstick looks fun! I love the bright pink shade! :)

    It was nice meeting you at the Laneige event! Hope to see you again soon!


  5. Thanks for dropping by Jessa! I love it too. I see that you also like bold lippies! :)

    Likewise!I'll follow your blog! :D