Thursday, June 27, 2013

Orange Box: Joining The Beauty Box Craze

Have you noticed the ongoing trend of monthly beauty box? I'm not really sure who pioneered it but I first encountered this from Michelle Phan's company now called 'ipsy'. Basically, you get a monthly box of beauty products of different brands that may come in sample or full size.

I love experimenting and discovering different beauty products but I haven't really tried subscribing to this monthly beauty box because I still have a lot. Bottom line, I don't really need it. But If you just started your love for makeup, the beauty box trend is recommended. I have seen different local companies already catering this service. Fortunately, my mentor, Jigs Mayuga, gave me a beauty box from Orange Box as a gift. Since he knows that I have a beauty blog, he thought I should give it a try.

"Orangebox is an online site for high quality beauty, grooming and lifestyle products."

Friday, June 21, 2013

Quick Product Review: Plum Affair

Summer has ended and the rainy season has just begun. Time to bring out dark and strong lippies appropriate for the climate. I have been crazy for plums lately thus the title.

I just recently discovered the beauty of this color that's why I only have 2 to show you. One is quite affordable and the other one is a bit pricey. Like I said, I am a lipstick junkie. So if I like a particular color, I try to find different shades of it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer? More Fun in the Philippines!

Definitely! With a lot of bodies of water surrounding our islands, it's a must to spend summer here in our country. For the past 2 summers, I was out of the country and missed the fun of soaking in water and sun. But this year, I got the chance to see local beaches for the first time. Here are 3 places I have been this season. :)

Cebu (with SMART friends)

We spent most of our time in the city to EAT. Haha! Probably the most memorable thing about this trip was that night when we devoured on 1.5 kilos of Rico's lechon. Ugh. Forget diet. It's worth it!

The infamous humongous ribs at Casa Verde
Cholesterol on a plate but it was worth it
Tried Skywalk and Edge Coaster
Also had lunch with a friend from the Glee Club, Chloe! :)

But one thing I love about the trip was our stay at Bantayan Island. This pristine and isolated island is
the perfect place to have peace and quiet time. Though the sand is not as fine as Boracay, it's still an amazing beach for a getaway with just a few people around and a bottle to drink.

Nothing beats this! (photo by JC)

We stayed at Anika Beach Resort (highly recommended) that served us fresh seafood, most were caught that day. Also, you are assured of a good stay because their spacious rooms come with a balcony to feel the ocean breeze (do get the ocean view).

Obligatory tourist photo :p

Monday, June 10, 2013

Product Review: Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation

Have you found your everyday liquid foundation cause I just found mine. Actually, I don't normally wear foundation daily because as much as possible, I want my skin to breathe. But for days that I need extra coverage (hello PMS), I reach for my Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation in Toasted Beige. I am a lucky girl cause I got it for almost half the price during the Benefit Cosmetics sale in their Greenbelt 5 branch.

Benefit Cosmetics 'Hello Flawless' Oxygen Wow in "Warm Me Up"/Toasted Beige
Price: Php 1,950.00 (I got it on sale and cost me Php 995.00)
Where to buy: Benefit Cosmetics store and counters

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Charm Travel Pro Brush Set Review: My Favorite Personal Set

Every girl should have a brush set they can use for applying makeup but for someone who's not really into it, a set can be quite expensive. Luckily, we now have local brands that sell affordable and quality brushes.

As a MUA, I do purchase the more prestigious brands for my clients. However, it's not the case for myself. I give more weight on the quality rather than the brand, that's why when I was able to test this Charm Travel Pro Set, I know it will be worth it.

Long Overdue Haul Post! (For Review Soon)

Hello ladies! Here's another quick haul post as teaser for my upcoming reviews. Some where sponsored and some where purchased with my own moolah.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Maquillage Professionel Class: Days 9-13

Hi everyone! I have little time today to do this post. I will not tell much so hopefully the photos will tell the story. I am finally done with makeup school last December 2012 and here are are the last few looks I did.

Day 9 (Bridal Makeup - Traditional)
I used pinks for a very youthful and fresh look. :)

Day 10 (Bridal Makeup - Arabian Style)
Since Geli has gorgeous almond eyes, I think she's the perfect model for this look. :)

Day 11 (Audibiche)
This is more of a theater-friendly look that gives you an illusion of bigger eyes. Lady Gaga uses this technique in most of her looks. The lower lashes and crystals add more power to the eye makeup. :)

Day 12 (Evantrail)

Color blocking! Cleanliness is the key for this look. You want to make sure that each color is separated seamlessly. Since I used warmer colors, I added the crystals to lighten it up a bit. :)

Day 13 (Freestyle)
Can you guess my inpiration for this look? Since this is our last day, I want to challenge myself and do an avant garde look. Voila! I've been meaning to do a flamingo inspired look for such a long time, even before makeup school. So glad that I finally made my own interpretation of it. :)

It was such a bittersweet day. Bitter cause I missed going to school every Saturday as well as the people I get to see and interact with. Sweet cause I can officially say that I am a makeup artist. Like I said in my first post, this is just the beginning of a long journey ahead. I am stoked and anxious at the same time cause this industry is booming (means more competition). Nevertheless, I'll do my thing the best way I can and hopefully people will get to appreciate it.

With my mentor, Ms. Mikee!

My batchmates! Miss these lads! :)

I would like to personally thank the following who made schooling possible: God,family, Eugene, friends, mentors, classmates and my super willing models (Martha, Leslie, Beth, Czar, Cla, Ai, Geli, Rina).

It's been great after graduating. I didn't expect to get more bookings that quick but I am more than happy to accommodate them.

Cheers to more dreams fulfilled! On to the next one! :)

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