Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Maquillage Professionel Class: Days 9-13

Hi everyone! I have little time today to do this post. I will not tell much so hopefully the photos will tell the story. I am finally done with makeup school last December 2012 and here are are the last few looks I did.

Day 9 (Bridal Makeup - Traditional)
I used pinks for a very youthful and fresh look. :)

Day 10 (Bridal Makeup - Arabian Style)
Since Geli has gorgeous almond eyes, I think she's the perfect model for this look. :)

Day 11 (Audibiche)
This is more of a theater-friendly look that gives you an illusion of bigger eyes. Lady Gaga uses this technique in most of her looks. The lower lashes and crystals add more power to the eye makeup. :)

Day 12 (Evantrail)

Color blocking! Cleanliness is the key for this look. You want to make sure that each color is separated seamlessly. Since I used warmer colors, I added the crystals to lighten it up a bit. :)

Day 13 (Freestyle)
Can you guess my inpiration for this look? Since this is our last day, I want to challenge myself and do an avant garde look. Voila! I've been meaning to do a flamingo inspired look for such a long time, even before makeup school. So glad that I finally made my own interpretation of it. :)

It was such a bittersweet day. Bitter cause I missed going to school every Saturday as well as the people I get to see and interact with. Sweet cause I can officially say that I am a makeup artist. Like I said in my first post, this is just the beginning of a long journey ahead. I am stoked and anxious at the same time cause this industry is booming (means more competition). Nevertheless, I'll do my thing the best way I can and hopefully people will get to appreciate it.

With my mentor, Ms. Mikee!

My batchmates! Miss these lads! :)

I would like to personally thank the following who made schooling possible: God,family, Eugene, friends, mentors, classmates and my super willing models (Martha, Leslie, Beth, Czar, Cla, Ai, Geli, Rina).

It's been great after graduating. I didn't expect to get more bookings that quick but I am more than happy to accommodate them.

Cheers to more dreams fulfilled! On to the next one! :)

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