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Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial

Happy Halloween everyone! A lot of people have been requesting me to do an eyebrow blog tutorial since I kept on reiterating how much I love well-shaped brows . I finally had the guts to do it and I hope this won't disappoint.

Before anything else, I'd like to say that this is my personal way of doing my brows. I'm not claiming that this is the best method but this is the thing that works for me. You know how particular I am with brows. I can even just sport a look with lip and cheek tint as long as my brows are filled, I'm good to go. This tutorial is greatly recommended for girls who regularly groom their brows but not satisfied with the thickness and length. For girls with virgin brows, I suggest that you have it professionally done first to see how it should be shaped when doing your brow makeup.

To achieve the perfect looking brow makeup, you need to have the following:

1. Brow Pencil (Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner)
2. White Eyeliner (Nyx White Eyeliner)
3. Spoolie (Marionnaud double side brush)
4. Angle brush (Suesh angle brush)
5. Brow powder (In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour)
6. Any concealer/highlighter (Nyx Concealer in a Jar)
7. Brow gel (MAC Brow set in Girl Boy which I forgot to include in the photo)

On a daily basis, I only use the brow powder, angle and spoolie brush. But when the look calls for a more defined one, I use the concealer/highlighter, brow pencil and brow gel. And since this is a tutorial, you'll be needing the white liner to draw your guide.You can use any brand but these items were tried and tested by yours truly so they are highly recommended. If you got the tools ready, let's get this started.

This is how my brows look without the makeup. Yes they're shaped, but they're too thin for my taste. I like my brows a bit thicker because it makes me look younger and nicer (by nicer, i mean "mabait"...LOL).

Sorry for the "jirits/irita" looking eyes. I took these photos at the balcony to get a more natural lighting. Sunlight was too bright. :|

Step 1: Using your white liner, find the 3 points as guide to your brow makeup. Align your liner vertically, resting the liner at the side of your nose. This is where the brow makeup should start. Second point should be where the liner and your iris meet, and this should also be the highest point of your brows. Lastly, the 3rd one is the point where the liner and the outer part of your eyes meet. Yes, this is where the brows should end.

If you try to observe, i need to add more length to it.

Step 2: Draw the brow shape with the 3 points as your guide. This will work as your "stencil"when filling in your brows.

Step 3: Fill in your brows with a darker brow powder, starting in the middle of your brows. Don't forget the sparse areas! :)

Step 4: Fill in the rest of the stencil using the lighter powder. It's better to make a gradient effect for more natural looking brows. You don't want it to look like one block of brown.

Step 5: Erase the guide using cotton swabs. Be careful when erasing the lines cause you might erase the actual brow makeup. See how it looks better now?

Step 6: Again, fill in the sparse areas cause we want it to look even.

You might think that it's a bit sharp and too harsh for brow makeup. That's why you need to do the next step.

Step 7: Using a Spoolie, brush your brows in an outward motion. This will help the brows look more natural.

What I would do is transfer a little amount of the brow gel to the Spoolie to set my brows since the formula in the product's Spoolie itself is a bit too much for my brows. But if you really want it lighter, it's ok to use the product's spoolie and not use a separate one.

Step 8: Highlight your brow bone using your concealer or any light-colored eyeshadow. This will emphasize the shape better.

Now the final look! Voila! You have well shaped brows. With just 8 steps, you can achieve brows that will pull together any look.

Handy TIPs:

1. If you're using a regular brow powder, it's better to use primer to make it last all-day. But since mine is waterproof, I've got no problems with staying power.

2. Brows should always be 1-2 shades lighter/darker than your hair color.

3. Groom your brows regularly. Life will be so much easier for you!

4. Find the product that works for you. If you think you're more comfortable with eyebrow liners, then feel free to use it.

5. I hate to say this, but some people get too excited when highlighting their brow bone. DON'T use too frosted or too metallic highlighter unless you wan't to look like a drag. :|

6. Practice! Cause once you get familiar with the shape of your brows, you won't need the guide anymore. :)

There you go! I hope this tutorial was helpful. If you have other questions, suggestions or requests, please comment down below. Oh, and don't forget to put your name (and URL if you have one).

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Glacey Raids Your Kikay Kit: Episode 1

Hello Guys! Finally, the 1st blogpost of my kikay kit raiding series is finally up! So if you're not yet familiar with this blog segment of mine, read up my previous post here.

Alright! Do you now understand what's gonna happen? Then let's proceed. :)

Today, I will be featuring my very 1st makeup buddy(aside from my sister, of course). She's one of my closest friends in the Ateneo College Glee Club because of the many interests we share, and one of which is MAKEUP. That person is no less than, Issa Juni! For those who do not know her, Issa is currently studying in Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH). Later on, you'll see how the things in her makeup kit become handy despite her very busy schedule.

I love Issa's makeup collection! She's fun and fearless when it comes to trying out colors, specifically for the eyes. But for today, I'll just feature the things that she brings with her to school.

Let's start off with her makeup bag!

Question no. 1: What's your kikay kit and where did you get it?

Issa says...

"Lancome, I don't remember i think it was given to me by an Aunt"

Don't you just love the color? The size of the bag is just an average makeup kit but wait until you see all things it can fit in. Now, let's see what's inside the kikay kit:

Question no. 2: What are the items in your kikat kit?

From top to bottom:
1. Jones New York Mini Brush Set (Issa says: I like that its portable and holds the most essential mini-brushes)
2. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
3. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
4. Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer in Light
5. Bobbi Brown corrector in Bisque (Issa says: This is my little miracle worker, Bobbi Brown is a magician. It corrects my under eye skin tone wonderfully.)
6. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Black)
7. Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe Mascara (Issa says: Lashblast is simply awesome, there's a reason why a lot of other make up brands have been imitating its packaging haha. I wish this was readily available here. It lengthens and adds volume without clumping or smudging ;) )
8. Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Mascara
9. Random Sharpener
10. Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Black Brown
11. Zara Pencil Eyeliner in Tawny
12. Body Shop Pencil Eyeliner in White
13. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine No. 502
14. Cetaphil SPF50 Facial Moisturizer
15. Snapple Lip Juicers Lip Balm (Issa says: I find the Snapple packaging really cute ;))
16. Stila Cheek Color in Dance
17. Bobbi Brown Blush in Pink Clay (Issa says: I like this shade, and it has wonderful pigment so you just need a little bit to last the day. Plus I got it at a bargain diba dear? :))
18. Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation in Natural

Whew! That's a lot right? And I'm sure there are a few items new to your eyes. :) Obviously she loves makeup items that will give life to her eyes. I always remember that every time I need mascara whenever I forgot mine, I always ask Issa cause I'm sure that she brings one with her. :)

Question no. 3: What's your full proof everyday makeup look?

Issa says...

For my everyday makeup, a.k.a my sitting-in-school-the-entire-day-look, I usually put on a bit of HydroSplash BB Cream from The Face Shop as a base/ tinted moisturizer. I like the dewy finish. Then I put on concealer under my eyes and on dark spots; I use the corrector before the concealer on mornings when my under eye area gets really zombie-like. I then put on the Maybelline foundation powder to set it, add blush and a bit of the C.O. Bigelow lipgloss. I do all this as fast as I could since I am usually running late for school. If I have the time, I put on eyeliner, curl my lashes and add a bit of mascara :)

I think Issa really values her concealer and corrector so much. The stress from endless studying can cause breakouts and dark under eye circles, and these items are very handy to cover up.

Question no. 4: What makeup item you can't live without?

Issa says...

I would have to say my C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine. I'm addicted to that delicious minty-ness! And annoyed that its not readily available here. Plus lipgloss instantly dresses up any look.

This is a cult favorite! I'm not sure if you know but this thing can instantly freshen your breath (seriously amazing, plus super yummy). You don't only moisturize your lips but can boost your confidence to speak to someone without worrying about your stinky breath! I have this one too, but my tube has tint. Since Issa has naturally red and luscious lips, she only needs the clear one. Unfortunately, it's not available locally. :|

Question no. 5: What item do you want me to review?

Issa says:

UDPP in Sin. I love love love this and I wish it was available locally. I use it as an eyeshadow base but it works pretty well alone. Gives a slight sheen in a nude shade that instantly highlights the eyes. What do you think of it? ;)

Wuhoo! We all know how much everyone raves about this thing. It doesn't only prolong the life of your eyeshadow but works as a good base as well. Like Issa said, you can choose to wear it alone. Here's my review:

1. Keeps your shadow in place, forever
2. Won't crease your shadow
3. Love the champagne color
4. Can work as eyeshadow too (see what I mean later)
5. A little amount goes a long way
6. Super adorable packaging

1. A bit pricey
2. Not available locally

If not for the price and availability, it's a perfect 5! :) Thanks Issa for letting me experience this item. I'm definitely buying one if ever I have the chance.

Random Makeup Question: Would you rather lose your concealer or your lipstick?

Issa says...
Lipstick. I hardly use lipstick in my day-to-day routine, but concealer is essential coz I'm a med student and I have a lot of sleepless nights, plus the stress sometimes causes breakouts haha ;))

Oh, I also asked her to do a makeup look using the things in her makeup bag... and here's the look she wore:

So pretty! Don't you just love the champagne eyes? I think it goes well with her green top.

Here she is wearing the UDPP Sin as eyeshadow.

I super enjoyed raiding Issa's kikay kit like I always do. She's one of my friends who always supported me in my makeup ventures and one thing I'll never forget is the Stila contour palette that she got me from her US trip. Too bad you can't see all of her collection but I hope you enjoyed raiding her makeup kit.

This wraps up the 1st of the many episodes (Glacey Raids Your Kikay Kit) that are yet to come. If you want me to raid your kikay kit, I'd be very happy to do it.

What items did you find interesting in her kit? Do you want me to review that product as well? Tell me what you think. :)

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Glacey Raids Your Kikay Kit: An Introduction

Welcome to my 1st blog "gimik"! These past few weeks, I've been thinking of a concept that will make my blog different from other bloggers. With the help of a few friends, I finally came up with an idea. Something that I actually love doing... raiding one's Kikay Kit! Don't worry! This doesn't mean that I won't be doing the usual stuff. Product reviews and folio posts will keep on coming (the list is long enough). But this series will hopefully put more spice to my blog!

Basically, this segment will feature a Kikay Kit of someone I know (it can be a friend, relative, colleague or client), as well as a look using the products inside this person's kit. There will be a few Q&A's that will give spotlight to 2 products. One of which is a makeup item that the person can't live without and another is an item that the person wants me to review (all of which should be inside her Kikay Kit).

You don't only have the opportunity to take a peek on someone's makeup kit and see a variety of beauty products (may be a cult favorite or something new to your eyes), but you also get an instant product review from me.

How amazing is that? :)

Another cool thing is that you can actually participate by leaving a comment on a particular post and choose another product that you want me to review separately (again, it should be part of the featured Kikay Kit). I already have one victim in line and I can't wait to blog about it! I'm sure you'll love her Kikay Kit as much as I did.

So there you go! I hope this will keep you reading my blog, who knows, you might be my next victim. LOL

*Suggestions will be accepted. Once I post my 1st episode, I would appreciate feedback to make this segment better.*

Ciao! ♥

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Makeup Client Post: Stef's Voice Recital

Quick folio post! I have to make this really really fast. Here are the photos from Stef's wunderbar recital. Thank you John Cas for lending me these wonderful photos. Basically, I used metallic brown hues to emphasize her lovely eyes. For the 1st part, I used warm pink on her lips to complement her purple gown. :) Also did her messy updo and yes, I know that I need to improve my hairstyling skills (if I even have one...LOL)
This is my favorite look! It seems very different from the previous one right? Believe it or not, I just changed her lipstick.
Red lipstick goes well with her yellow dress. The color combination is just superb. I changed the hair accessory to a red flower for the second part. PEG? You got it right! Beauty and the Beast! :)
A lot of people complimented her makeup but the real highlight of the night is her performance! This is by far, the best voice recital I've ever watched. She's really a natural! I'm amazed how she was able to put the right character to each song. Everyone who watched her went home with a big SMILE. :D

And by the way, this is just the 1st of her 4 Voice Recitals. I can't wait to watch the next 3! Great job Stef and thank you for trusting me. :)
For people interested, here are the products that I used:
1. GOSH Velvet Foundation Primer
2. Revlon PhotoReady Foundation
3. Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer
4. Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder
1. NYX Blush in Cocoa
2. Avon warm orange blush (removed label)
3. Benefit Coralista
1. Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP)
2. Sephora Color Play 5 in 1 Palette (Palette no.2 ''Coffee in New York'')
3. Revlon Matte Eye Shadow in 001 "Vintage Lace"
4. In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour
5. MAC Brow Set in "Girl Boy"
6. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black
7. Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Eyeliner in "Onyx"
8. Laneige Multi Function Mascara
9. Generic False Eyelashes
1st Part
1. ELF Lipstick in "Gypsy"
2. Chanel Glossimer Lipgloss in 96 "Iris"
2nd Part
3. MAC Matte Lipstick in "Russian Red"
4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in "Nude Lustre
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It's O'facial'!

I know, I know! Title sounds really corny but what can I do, this Ateneo College Glee Club humor is so contagious. LOL Anyway, you basically know now what this post is all about. And yes, another product reviews! Woot woot!

In my Laneige post, I talked about the importance of skin care and prepping one's face before putting on makeup. Today, I'm gonna talk about the products I've been using to prep, cover and cleanse my skin.

1. Nivea Visage Control Shine! Mattifying Gel Cream

This product is suppose to keep your skin matt and oil-free all-day but keeping it hydrated at the same time. I got this product from a friend who has oily skin. She bought this product, hoping that this will keep her oil-free but sadly, it gave her breakouts. So instead of throwing it away, she gave it to me and check how it will work on me. So here's my review:

  • It is mattifying
  • Very hydrating too
  • Feels smooth and light
  • I love the smell, very refreshing
  • It actually made my makeup stay longer
  • Cute packaging
  • Affordable (Retail Price is $9.68)
  • It is mattifying but for only a few hours
  • Did not keep me oil-free
  • Not available locally

It's not bad at all but it broke me out. But I'm not gonna throw it away because who knows, it may actually work on my clients. Overall verdict, 3.75!

2. GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer

If you're not familiar with the brand, GOSH is a Denmark-based cosmetics company.And yes! This is another hand me down product by the same person who gave me item no.1 (Hello roomie!). I've seen a few GOSH signage while we were in Europe but I didn't had the chance to check it out. This product is a makeup base that should make your skin feel matt and velvety by filling in the fine lines and pores. It kinda looks like Smashbox's Photo-finish Foundation Primer but I'm not really sure if they have work the same because I've only tried Smasbox's once. Anyway, here's what I think about the product:

  • It feels really light
  • It makes my foundation application easier and smoother
  • I love how it makes me skin really velvety (I swear you should try it)
  • Staying power for my makeup is longer and foundation doesn't slide-off easily
  • No offensive smell
  • Affordable and definitely worth it
  • Errr...again, not available locally
  • The pump leaks a bit
I love this primer and I would re-purchase this! But then again, it's not available locally. :( Overall rating: 4.5!

3. Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Remember the Revlon loot bag that I mentioned in my previous post? This foundation is part of that sponsored bag. I'm just so happy and lucky to get free makeup products from different people. Anyway, on to the review! I know a lot of people have been raving about this product and there are tons of reviews out there but let me share my own opinion.

If you want coverage with an airbrushed finish, this is the product for you. It makes you look flawless without appearing overdone. It has tiny shimmering specks that will add more glow to your skin. So here's what I think of the product:

  • Feels lightweight
  • Gives a dewy finish
  • You'll look poreless
  • Packaging is just amazing (especially the pump) except the cover
  • Affordable (free in my case :D)
  • Not recommended for people with oily skin
  • The tiny shimmering specks may break out someone with sensitive skin

Love this foundation! The airbrush finish is really the best thing about this product! And yes, would definitely re-purchase this in different shades. My overall verdict: a 4.5!
4. MAC Fix+

This product is for someone who wants their makeup to last all day. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this product so I want see it myself. MAC website says that this fixer is infused with vitamins and minerals to keep your skin hydrated and energized. So it's not only a fixer but also a product that will feed your skin. You can also use this product to intensify pigments by wetting your brush with this product instead of using just water.

  • I used this after makeup application and it did made it stay longer
  • Skin looks more dewy and feels hydrated
  • Cute packaging, no cap needed
  • Smells good
  • Nothing much but I think that this is not a must-have
I'm not really in love with this product but I like it. It's not something that I would use daily but still purchase it. My overall score: 4.5!

5. Sephora Soothing Cleansing Milk

I purchased the small bottle in Sephora along Champs-Élysées, Paris. And that place is indeed a paradise. It's the biggest Sephora I've ever seen!

There were so many products in the store but I decided to buy this because I want to try a different makeup remover aside from my Pond's Cold Cream, which is my favorite. This product removes makeup frm your face and eyes and contains HydroSenn++ that's suppose to make your skin softer. What I would normally do is put a small amount on my fingers and massage it on my face giving more attention to my eyes then wiping it off with cotton pads. See what I think about this product.

  • Removes makeup effectively
  • Smells really lovely
  • Leaves a refreshing feeling
  • Makes my skin soft
  • Stings a bit
  • Again, so sorry to say but it's not available locally
I want this product but it's not as effective as Pond's Cold Cream. However, the other benefits you get from it compensates. So yes, I would definitely purchase this again! But for some weird reason, I can't find it on Sephora's website. Hmm. Overall, it's a 4.5!

I've heard a lot of MUAs saying that you should invest on makeup products that you directly put on your face like foundation, primer and makeup remover. In fact, no matter how pigmented or how much coverage they can give, if it breaks you it, then it's useless. Yes, you have to experiment but once you once that product that works for you, it will totally be worth it.

I realized that I need to review more products that are locally available. I will! I promise! But for now, this is what I did and I hope this post is informative and helpful.

What are your favorite face products? Would love to hear yours! :)
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Regal Transformation

Last July, Stef asked me and Ave to help her for her very 1st voice recital. We both agreed and said YES. I met Stef in the Ateneo College Glee Club, a Voice Major in the UP College of Music. She's our one of guest sopranos (I would also say the best) and also the better half of one of our members. Eeeee. Cheesy! Haha! When we asked her on what theme she wants for her shoot, she would always say "kahit ano" (anything in English). She just informed us that the theme of her recital itself is "Flowers". Ave and I decided that we do an ethereal shoot for her since UP has a lot of trees and grass areas. However, it was raining cats and dogs on the day of the shoot which made it impossible for us to shoot outdoors. Too bad! Ave then resorted to the white wall.

Here's Stef's portrait shot! Stef actually looks young for her age. I decided that I want to do a makeup look that is more age appropriate without losing the youthful glow. Since Stef is a performer, I want a look that will let people take her seriously amidst her very young and bubbly personality.

I gave more emphasis on her eyes using violet and purple hues. I also shaped her brows which are very light in person, to frame her face better. Added falsies on the outer corner of her lashline to open up her beautiful light brown eyes. I did a little contouring and more highlighting to give that radiant looking skin. Her lips were colored in light pink(but with a little sparkling gloss) to give more attention to her eyes.

I really love the look on her. The eyes added more drama to her face and made her transform into a "Diva" that she is. Oh, it was such a fun shoot as well! Ave said that it was one of the fastest and easiest shoots he ever had. Stef was very obedient to all the things that Ave would tell her. Another good job guys! I'm very sure that Stef will do very well in her recital. Speaking of which...

You guys should watch her! I tell you, it is worth it to watch Stef! Her voice...ugh! I can't even... It's just too beautiful to describe. I'll also be doing her makeup so I hope I can take photos and share it with you guys. If you are interested, here are the details.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. ~Victor Hugo
Photos by: Royd Santiago
Makeup by: Yours truly

Auf Wiedersehen! What do you think of the look?

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Laneige Makeup Workshop (for makeup bloggers)

When you see a very rare opportunity, you know you have to grab it right away! That's what i did! Two weeks ago, I read the post of Fashion Pulis about a Korean MUA (Min Hyuk Park) of Laneige, who will be giving a free makeup workshop for customers, makeup bloggers and makeup artists. I immediately e-mailed FP and expressed my interest in participating in the makeup bloggers session. I knew that this will be a great event that I could feature in my blog. After a few days, so happy to finally get an e-mail invitation from Ms. Katherine of Laneige and confirmed my slot.

I first encountered the brand in Sasa, when I went to Singapore and Hong Kong. Laneige is a bit more expensive compared to other Korean Brands like Etude House, Tony Moly and the Face Shop. I only knew of their skincare products and not much about their makeup line. So I was really excited to know more from Mr. Park.

Finally, the event...

Laneige is the French word for "snow". The brand believes in the power of water, the basic source of life. You can actually see in their ads and products, even in the workshop itself. I can't even count how many times Mr. Park said the word "moisture". Here's a quick summary of all the things he said.

1. Cleanse
Mr. Park mentioned that before putting any makeup on, it's important to clean your face to avoid the dirt build up that may cause pimples and blemishes. It's always better to create makeup looks if you have healthy and glowing skin. No need to use so much products because it's naturally smooth and flawless. Koreans would really spend on their skin care. They would give time just to achieve that natural glowing skin.

2. Tone

We often forget this step in our daily face routine. Yes! Guilty as charged! I am soap/Cetaphil girl and surprisingly, i don't get pimples and zits with this method. But I have to admit that my skin is not perfect. I know that it can look better and smoother. Mr. Park said that this step is essential to remove the excess oil and dirt left on your skin after cleansing. He recommend this most especially to Filipinas mainly because of the hot weather we have. Toner should be applied with cotton pads/balls to fully absorb the oil from your skin. Be careful with toning because it tends to dry your skin. That's why it's important to do the next step...

3. Moisturize and Protect

Mr. Park emphasized that we should always keep our skin hydrated. Hydrated skin will result to healthy looking and glowing face. I'm sure a lot of you would say that we have a very humid weather. Don't we get enough moisture and oil from it? Haha! Moisture and Oil are two different things. No matter how oily your skin, it doesn't exempt you from moisturizing. In fact, you should moisturize twice a day! For the day, you can use fewer amount and it's much better if the product has SPF in it. Compensate the amount at night (especially before sleeping) because skin absorbs better when we are asleep. You can apply the product by massaging your face. In this way, you don't only hydrate your skin, but you also relax your muscles. Like I said, it's better if you get a moisturizer that has SPF in it. It's like hitting 2 birds with one stone. Premature aging and sun spots could be avoided if you'd be more committed in using products with SPF. Who wants wrinkles? Not me!

4. BB Power

BB cream is the no. 1 trending beauty product! It's the perfect substitute to your foundation for your daily use. Why? Because of the benefits you get from it. It has the light to medium coverage you need but the best thing is, it lightens blemishes and regenerates your skin that you won't get from your regular foundation. Mr. Park said that you can apply BB cream using your fingers or any foundation brush. In this picture, he used the Snow BB Essence Balm (thinking of purchasing this) which has a creamier texture compared to most of the BB creams out in the market. You get lighter coverage when you use your fingers. On the other hand, using foundation brush will get more product on your face(more coverage).

5. Korean "No Makeup" look

After prepping the skin, you're finally ready to put makeup on your skin. He went through the usual steps using concealer, face powder and blush. Mr. Park said that Koreans like their face dewy and natural looking for their daily look. One step is their use of eyeliners. Instead of using black liquid/gel liners, they use brown pencil to line their upper lash line and set it with brown eyeshadow. For their eyebrows, Koreans like it light, thick (but well-groomed) and not as arched as others would want it. Mr. Park used pencil to outline brow and used brow powder to fill it in. Highlight the parts where the sunlight hits your face. Seal the look by putting minimal amount of powder using a powder brush by dabbing it. Finish off the look with a lipstick and gloss closest to your lip color.

Obviously, they like to sport the "No Makeup" look in Korea. Unless of course you're with one of their K-Pop groups. Don't get me wrong. I love their striking and bold makeup too but not for my daily look.
Here's the finished look!
See how natural the makeup looks on the pretty model. Left side has no makeup while (but prepped) right side has makeup on. You almost can't tell the difference.

I love how Mr. Park gave more importance on skincare. I think most of us neglect this and just rely on makeup to make us look prettier. Again, I'm guilty! This made made me realize that we, girls, should also invest on taking care of our skin. I know that it's more expense but one tip I could give is to look for beauty products that offer a lot of benefits (i.e BB cream with moisturizer and SPF). This would surely save you a lot of money! Laneige has a lot of products with so much benefits in one bottle.

with Mr. Park

This event also gave me the chance to meet other makeup/fashion bloggers. I know that I just started blogging but meeting other people who has the same passion for makeup is just inspiring. Check out their blogs too! (Jes, Isha, Jorelle, Chryztyne and RJ) I hope to see them again. We all received goodies from Laneige. Here are the few pictures that I took.

The loot bag! I love the makeup bag. So many compartments. It even has a stand to keep the cover open. How cool is that?

Take a peek of what's inside. Wuhoo! More products to review! :D

Sample sizes of their products (L-R: Multi Function Mascara, Water Bank Essence, Power Essential Skin Refiner Light, Perfect Renew Essence, Snow BB Cream, Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Floral Pink)

Thank you Laneige for inviting me to this event. I definitely learned a lot! Thanks for the delish food and the lovely giveaway. Get to know more of Laneige by visiting the following site:

By the way, if you want the chance to win Laneige products, visit Fashion Pulis' post here.

Hope you enjoyed my post! And yes! So many more things to post and share with you. Plus, I finally thought of a "gimik" that will hopefully make this blog more interesting and fun! :)

To end my blogpost, here's a small milk pitcher shaped like a cow! Isn't it the cutest? Haha! I know, how random?

'Til my next post! Moo!
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