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Laneige Makeup Workshop (for makeup bloggers)

When you see a very rare opportunity, you know you have to grab it right away! That's what i did! Two weeks ago, I read the post of Fashion Pulis about a Korean MUA (Min Hyuk Park) of Laneige, who will be giving a free makeup workshop for customers, makeup bloggers and makeup artists. I immediately e-mailed FP and expressed my interest in participating in the makeup bloggers session. I knew that this will be a great event that I could feature in my blog. After a few days, so happy to finally get an e-mail invitation from Ms. Katherine of Laneige and confirmed my slot.

I first encountered the brand in Sasa, when I went to Singapore and Hong Kong. Laneige is a bit more expensive compared to other Korean Brands like Etude House, Tony Moly and the Face Shop. I only knew of their skincare products and not much about their makeup line. So I was really excited to know more from Mr. Park.

Finally, the event...

Laneige is the French word for "snow". The brand believes in the power of water, the basic source of life. You can actually see in their ads and products, even in the workshop itself. I can't even count how many times Mr. Park said the word "moisture". Here's a quick summary of all the things he said.

1. Cleanse
Mr. Park mentioned that before putting any makeup on, it's important to clean your face to avoid the dirt build up that may cause pimples and blemishes. It's always better to create makeup looks if you have healthy and glowing skin. No need to use so much products because it's naturally smooth and flawless. Koreans would really spend on their skin care. They would give time just to achieve that natural glowing skin.

2. Tone

We often forget this step in our daily face routine. Yes! Guilty as charged! I am soap/Cetaphil girl and surprisingly, i don't get pimples and zits with this method. But I have to admit that my skin is not perfect. I know that it can look better and smoother. Mr. Park said that this step is essential to remove the excess oil and dirt left on your skin after cleansing. He recommend this most especially to Filipinas mainly because of the hot weather we have. Toner should be applied with cotton pads/balls to fully absorb the oil from your skin. Be careful with toning because it tends to dry your skin. That's why it's important to do the next step...

3. Moisturize and Protect

Mr. Park emphasized that we should always keep our skin hydrated. Hydrated skin will result to healthy looking and glowing face. I'm sure a lot of you would say that we have a very humid weather. Don't we get enough moisture and oil from it? Haha! Moisture and Oil are two different things. No matter how oily your skin, it doesn't exempt you from moisturizing. In fact, you should moisturize twice a day! For the day, you can use fewer amount and it's much better if the product has SPF in it. Compensate the amount at night (especially before sleeping) because skin absorbs better when we are asleep. You can apply the product by massaging your face. In this way, you don't only hydrate your skin, but you also relax your muscles. Like I said, it's better if you get a moisturizer that has SPF in it. It's like hitting 2 birds with one stone. Premature aging and sun spots could be avoided if you'd be more committed in using products with SPF. Who wants wrinkles? Not me!

4. BB Power

BB cream is the no. 1 trending beauty product! It's the perfect substitute to your foundation for your daily use. Why? Because of the benefits you get from it. It has the light to medium coverage you need but the best thing is, it lightens blemishes and regenerates your skin that you won't get from your regular foundation. Mr. Park said that you can apply BB cream using your fingers or any foundation brush. In this picture, he used the Snow BB Essence Balm (thinking of purchasing this) which has a creamier texture compared to most of the BB creams out in the market. You get lighter coverage when you use your fingers. On the other hand, using foundation brush will get more product on your face(more coverage).

5. Korean "No Makeup" look

After prepping the skin, you're finally ready to put makeup on your skin. He went through the usual steps using concealer, face powder and blush. Mr. Park said that Koreans like their face dewy and natural looking for their daily look. One step is their use of eyeliners. Instead of using black liquid/gel liners, they use brown pencil to line their upper lash line and set it with brown eyeshadow. For their eyebrows, Koreans like it light, thick (but well-groomed) and not as arched as others would want it. Mr. Park used pencil to outline brow and used brow powder to fill it in. Highlight the parts where the sunlight hits your face. Seal the look by putting minimal amount of powder using a powder brush by dabbing it. Finish off the look with a lipstick and gloss closest to your lip color.

Obviously, they like to sport the "No Makeup" look in Korea. Unless of course you're with one of their K-Pop groups. Don't get me wrong. I love their striking and bold makeup too but not for my daily look.
Here's the finished look!
See how natural the makeup looks on the pretty model. Left side has no makeup while (but prepped) right side has makeup on. You almost can't tell the difference.

I love how Mr. Park gave more importance on skincare. I think most of us neglect this and just rely on makeup to make us look prettier. Again, I'm guilty! This made made me realize that we, girls, should also invest on taking care of our skin. I know that it's more expense but one tip I could give is to look for beauty products that offer a lot of benefits (i.e BB cream with moisturizer and SPF). This would surely save you a lot of money! Laneige has a lot of products with so much benefits in one bottle.

with Mr. Park

This event also gave me the chance to meet other makeup/fashion bloggers. I know that I just started blogging but meeting other people who has the same passion for makeup is just inspiring. Check out their blogs too! (Jes, Isha, Jorelle, Chryztyne and RJ) I hope to see them again. We all received goodies from Laneige. Here are the few pictures that I took.

The loot bag! I love the makeup bag. So many compartments. It even has a stand to keep the cover open. How cool is that?

Take a peek of what's inside. Wuhoo! More products to review! :D

Sample sizes of their products (L-R: Multi Function Mascara, Water Bank Essence, Power Essential Skin Refiner Light, Perfect Renew Essence, Snow BB Cream, Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Floral Pink)

Thank you Laneige for inviting me to this event. I definitely learned a lot! Thanks for the delish food and the lovely giveaway. Get to know more of Laneige by visiting the following site:

By the way, if you want the chance to win Laneige products, visit Fashion Pulis' post here.

Hope you enjoyed my post! And yes! So many more things to post and share with you. Plus, I finally thought of a "gimik" that will hopefully make this blog more interesting and fun! :)

To end my blogpost, here's a small milk pitcher shaped like a cow! Isn't it the cutest? Haha! I know, how random?

'Til my next post! Moo!
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