Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Product Review: E.L.F. Lipsticks (Must-haves!)

Look who's back? I owe you a lot of backlogs from my recent trip. But let me give you my long overdue review of cheap but good quality lipsticks from another drugstore brand. A lot of people got curious with L.A. lipsticks that I reviewed. Who wouldn't? Violet lipsticks are very rare in the market.

Lemme share with you another drugstore lipstick that I am in love with. Yes it's not every girl's ideal lipstick but it surely delivers. A lot of you know of E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face), a US drugstore brand available locally. I've already explored a lot of items from that store but it was only this year that I had the chance to try it's lipsticks. Initially, I purchased just one shade but after a few weeks of usage, I decided to try the other colors available. Well, obviously I liked it.

It comes in a silver tube with a clear glass in the middle. One thing to hate about this product is the packaging. It's too flimsy. The cap doesn't lock and may be prone to turning the bullet without noticing it. Look what happened! 

Probably the very advantage of the packaging is the clear glass cause it gives you a view of the lipstick's shade. No need to check the label in case you need to reach for a specific color.

I bought 3 shades that I think are very wearable for everyday use. The following shades are Gypsy, Voodoo and Seductive.
(L-R: Gypsy, Voodoo, Seductive)

Gypsy, which was my 1st purchase, has a cool pink undertone (kinda in between pink and violet) perfect for any skintone. I think anyone would look good wearing this color. This is perfect for bridal makeup and other looks that need extra daintiness.

Next is Voodoo! A berry red color that is ideal for girls who are afraid to wear bright red lipstick. However, this has the tendency to give your teeth look stained unlike red lipsticks with blue undertone. Otherwise, I highly recommend this color.

Lastly, Seductive, a warm pink that looks very natural on the lips. This one deserves to be in your everyday makeup kit! I just noticed that this is a bit sheer compared to the 2 colors above.

1. Very affordable! P129.75
2. Locally Available (almost all department and drug stores)
3. Creamy and Smooth Texture
4. Scent! It smells like berries! Yuuuuum!
5. The clear glass in the middle of the packaging
6. Pigmented but...see #3 of the CONs

1. The flimsy packaging (but what do we expect? it's very cheap..)
2. Lipstick bullet is very soft and prone to melting/breaking
3. You need to swipe a few times to achieve an opaque finish
4. Very limited color selection... I wish they release more!
5. Weak staying power... be ready to do retouching

Overall rating: 4.0 out 5

Although this is not the best of its kind, it's a must-try. I've used it a lot of times (Yes, all 3 colors) and I'm always satisfied.

Will I repurchase it? Definitely! I hope too see more colors in the future.

By the way, E.L.F Cosmetics Philippines is now on Twitter and Facebook. They're becoming more active here in the Philippines. I also noticed that they've been bringing more products here. Hurray!

That ends my E.L.F Lipsticks review. I hope this was another helpful post especially to the newly employed ladies and college students.

What do you think? Would you try any of the shades I have?

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