Monday, June 25, 2012

Europe Tour 2012 Travel Blog: Germany

Finally doing my travel blog entry after 1 month of being back here in the Philippines. I have to warn you thought that there will be tons of photos to see in this blog and as much as I would like to trim it further, there are really memories that you can't help but share. :)
Picturesque spots in Germany

First stop of our Euro Trip was Oberweyer, Germany which is a small town (1 and a half hours away from Frankfurt) with the nicest people I know. We actually met this community last year when they hosted us during a festival in a nearby town.
Passed by the famous Limburger Dom (my 2nd time actually)
Went to the Old Town in Limburg (Typical German houses)
Really cute Easter decors along the street
At the center of the old town is this statue
Another cute decor sold in the street stall
Going GG (Gossip Girl) with my closest friends in the group, Abby and Aileen. :)
With Eugene at Schlossgarten
With my host brother, Tim! :)
Sang inside the Orange Room of Weilburg Castle (got goosebumps) 
A former host who came all the way from Spellen, Vicky! Isn't she pretty? :)
Last year's host sister and brother, Lucas and Lisa. Miss them!
With my lovely host family! Miss them too! :(
And of course, the cutest boys! Ben and Tim! :)

I really like living in small towns because you know that you get to experience the old traditions and culture. It's as authentic as it can get. I was hosted by a German family living in a Tumblr-ish house. The young German couple (Torsten and Manuella) has 2 young boys who I think were the cutest host brothers I ever had.
A packed concert with other German choirs
Celebrating Palm Sunday the German way. And yes, another photo with my bestfriend.
Played football and hockey with the Germans. This is me and Eugene, watching. Such a sunny yet cold day.

Had the chance to play Viking's chess again. I actually like this game. :)
My typical German breakfast! Nutella, home made jam, cold cuts, bread and butter. :)
My favorite drink, Apfelschorle (Carbonated apple juice)
You can never go wrong with sausage, semel, and German beer.
Meal prepared by our hosts during our barbecue party (Hacherburger beer, grilled sausage and their version of lechon)
Yeah, Big Tasty Bacon! 

I won't forget these people who fit the word hospitality. We have truly experienced 5-star (even more) accomodation through them. Their community will always be remembered and someday, perhaps, I'll be able to visit again. The warmth they have given us made feel as if we're home. :)


Next Germany city we went to is Munich (M√ľnchen). Another historical place and one of the most popular German cities in the world. This place was definitely a big shift from the little town of Oberweyer. There were so many tourists everywhere.

We were lucky to have a free guided tour by a friend of our host who's very patient by the way. Munich is indeed a very historical city especially during the Nazi regime. The city also has a lot of beautiful churches of different styles and periods.

With my "Happy House"mates and our host father
Train to the center
Subway ride going to the 1st stop of our guided tour
With our amazing tour guide
The exact spot where Hitler gave most of his speeches
They said that if you touch 3 of the 4 lions, you'll go back to Munich. Yes I touched 3. Haha!
 The streets of Munich
A popular brewery in Munich, Hofbrahaus
Too bad I wasn't able to try their own brew
The most beautiful church in Munich, Asam Church!
Obligatory photo in the Rathaus

Since we were sponsored by BMW, we had the chance to tour BMW Welt(World). I'm not really a car enthusiast but the experience was amazing.
Outside BMW Welt
Inside BMW Welt, after the tour

I loved Munich and all the rich history it has. I wish I had more to explore it. Well, that gives me more reason to go back.

That wraps up my Germany travel blog. I've always been in love with this country. I've been there 3 times but it keeps me falling in love more and more. What's not to love in that country? The food, people, sites, and beer are just few of the reasons why it remains to be a favorite. :)

Special thanks to the following people for their gorgeous photos: Will, Ai, Ave Mari and Dom :)

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'Til my next travel blog. Next stop: Austria! :)


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