Sunday, June 17, 2012

Product Review: Himalaya Herbals Kajal Eye-Definer (Get close to the real thing)

A girl can never have enought black eyeliners. There's just so many kinds out there and you know you have to own at least every type. But the most common form of black eyeliner is in pencil and we like it better if it's made of Kohl/Kajal. The smooth glide of Kajal is friendly to our lids but have you actually tried the real thing?

I actually did, 3-4 years ago. It was introduced to me by friend Martha and luckily, I was able to find one in Greenhills. It's super cheap (around Php60...that cheap) yet pigmentation is superb. The seller said that it's authentic Kajal and it came all the way from India. I loved using it to create the perfect smokey-eyes. However, after a few months, the consistency changed. It became difficult to work with that it hurt my lids. After the incident, I decided to stop using it.

My friend had a trip to India last December and she gave me an authentic Kajal as pasalubong. This Kajal is different from my previous one and definitely looks more promising.

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It's from a brand called Himalaya Herbals, an Indian company that specializes in organic health care products. After learning that it's organic, I got more excited to use it.

I actually like the packaging. It's simple. The tube contains 2.6g of product which is quite a lot for an eyeliner. This product promises to be opaque, waterproof and nourishing (even cooling actually). Here's a swatch on my wrist.
One swipe on my wrist

After smudging
It is indeed jet black and glides easily on my skin. A little swipe goes a long way. But as you can see, it is not smudge-proof obviously because of the products texture. This time, i tried it on my upper lash line.

I love that it doesn't hurts my lids at all. However, my oily lids didn't help. After a few blinking, the liner already budged. :(

1. Nice packaging
2. Really really smooth to apply
3. It's true BLACK
4. Affordable... around Php100 if converted
5. Cooling effect

1. Not locally available
2. You can't sharpen the tip
3. Budges easily
4. Waterproof...not

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I like that it's very pigmented but we want an eyeliner that's smudge proof, am I right?
But this will not go to waste cause this is perfect for smokey-eyes. It's easier to blend and the color pay off will add more dimension to your eyes. I just wouldn't recommend it to girls with oily lids like me.

If you love donning smokey-eyes, you should give Kajal a try. But since Himalaya Herbals is not available, check out Styli-Style Kajal Bullit which is available in all Beauty Bar outlets.


1. Before gliding that liner, put a small amount of eye primer and matte-fy it with your loose powder.
2. It's easier to work with a sharpened eyeliner. I wouldn't recommend a pencil sharpener as it changes the shape of your pencil eyeliner(prone to breakage). Go for the cosmetic sharpener cause it's more gentle to your eyeliner.
3. To prevent kohl/kajal liners from smudging, set it with black matte eyeshadow using your eyeliner brush.
4. Kajals can be used as eyeshadow base because of it's smooth and creamy texture. If you want a more intense black smokey-eyes, reach for it!

There goes another product review.

What do you think of Kajals? Have you tried one?

Btw, Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies out there! :)

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  1. same here Glacey! i have really oily lids that everytime i attempt to use eyeliners, i look horrible!!! i swear! even if i set it with matte eyeshadow, it tends to transfer from my upper lash line up to the crease.

    1. I guess it's really wiser for us to just use waterproof eyeliner. I now use waterproof liquid eyeliner on my upper lashline and thankfully it stays. :)

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