Thursday, June 14, 2012

What to bring when?! (My Travel Essentials)

Hellooooooo! And I'm blogging again. I am so sorry for not posting the whole time I was in Europe. I didn't know that it will be difficult to do entries. It was that hectic and busy. Anyway, saying sorry won't do anything. I might as well make it up to you. :)

I've been to Europe for 52 days with the Ateneo College Glee Club. Like I said in my previous entries, we were there to compete and hold concerts in different cities. Fortunately, it was a successful journey. :)

Since 52 days is quite a long travel, I was so tempted to bring my whole traincase. But of course, weight limit is no joke. Yes, I had a hard time choosing which ones to bring. The challenge was to make everything fit in this personalized medium-sizes travel case (c/o Tita B).
Another thing to consider that time, the season! I was looking forward to a lovely Spring and it means that I needed to bring more colors. After a lot of self-debate, here are the things I brought with me to Europe. I'm sure a number of tips can be useful to other travelers as well.

1. BRUSH SET (Charm Travel Pro Brush Set)

It's always a hassle to find a perfect travel brush set that will contain all that you need. Especially for a makeup junkie, 5 brushes are never enough. But always take note that when travelling, size matters.

The timing of this brush set was just perfect. It was given as a belated Christmas gift by my BFF Cas. I carried this set all the time. I did not have to worry about the weight and space because it's very lightweight. All the brushes that I needed the whole trip are there. I think this one deserves a separate review post. :)


The Spring weather in Europe is schizo and less humid so I had to bring face makeup that can be flexible in case the weather decides to surprise you.
Primer (GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer) - Always bring a primer especially if you're planning to go around the whole day. This product helped my makeup stay in place. This was most useful during our concerts and performances.

BB Cream (The FaceShop Face It Waterproof BB Cream) - BB Creams are always handy when travelling especially for those who wants to skip a few steps during face prep. Whenever I'm too lazy to put on primer and foundation, this is what I use. It's waterproof and has SPF50, what more can you ask for?

Liquid Foundation (Revlon PhotoReady/San San Matte Foundation) - Acclimatization is very common when traveling and sometimes, this may cause breakouts. Foundation will be your bestfriend to hide the imperfections.

Since we were performers and tourists at the same time, I decided to bring 2 types foundations. One has matte finish (with medium-full coverage) and another has luminous finish.

Powder Foundation (MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation) - On the other hand, I also brought a powder foundation that I use together with my BB Cream.

Concealer (MAC Studio Finish/Revlon Age Defying) - Going around places can be taxing too (yeah, too much excitement can result to less sleep) and those dark under eye circles may show up. To ensure that you're always photo ready and flawless, hide the horror.

Loose Powder (Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder) - Translucent powder is a necessity when skin color changes. It is unavoidable for your skintone to darken especially if you're enjoying the sun. This will ensure that your powder will match your skin tone all the time.

Since the jar is a bit bulky, I decided to depot a few amount in a small travel container.

Face Mist (MAC Fix+ Spray) - Important, keep your skin hydrated! Because Spring in Europe is windy and less humid, skin is prone to drying. This keeps my skin hydrated and keeps my makeup in place too!


(Clockwise: Physician Formula Shimmer Strips, Benefit Coralista, Maybelline Angelfit Blush in Creamy Cinnamon, Revlon Matte Blush, Careline Lip & Cheek Tint, NYX Blush in Cocoa)

Blush (Revlon Colorstay/Benefit Coralista/Maybelline Angelfit Blush/Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips/Careline Lip & Cheek Stain) I decided to bring matte and shimmer blushes because you can never have enough of it. The Coralista was my favorite as it gives a natural glow especially in photos.

Contour (NYX Blush in Cocoa) - I don't think this needs an explanation. :D


Eyebrow Pencil - I normally apply eyebrow pencil first as it keeps my eyebrow makeup all day even when sweating.

Eyebrow Powder (In2it Waterproof Brow Powder) - This sets the pencil and makes eyebrow makeup natural looking.

Black Liner (Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner/Kajal) - When I'm too lazy to put on eye makeup, I immediately reach out for this product. Gel liners are very flexible. It can work as liner on your lash line, water line and evern tightline. The product can also can easily help achieving a smokey look just by smudging it.

Mascara (Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express Cat Eyes Mascarra) - When traveling, always get the waterproof kind. You never know what can surprise you (i.e sweat, rain, etc...)

False Eye Lashes and Glue - Because I'm too lazyremoving my mascara at night, I prefer using false eyelashes. It has a more dramatic effect but so much easier to pull out at the end of the day. :D

Lash Curler (Shu Uemura) - Again, don't leave those lashes sleeping. Curling those makes so much difference. I swear.

White Eyeliner (NYX White Eyeliner) - Jetlagged? Pop on some white eyeliner and you'll look like you got enough snooze for the day.

Eye Primer (UD Primer Potion) - For someone with oily lids like me, this is  a must-have.


Neutral Palette (UD Naked Palette) - My current favorite palette! A neutral palette is probably a traveler's BFF cause of its versatility.

Colorful Palette (Sephora 5-in-1 Palette) - And because I want to have some bright colors, I decided to bring 1 palette from my 5-in-1 Sephora palette. The colors are just lovely and perfect for Spring! (Recently broke the blush after falling from the table... :( )

Smokey-eye palette (Revlon Colorstay Palette)- This is a sponsored/performance palette so I have to bring it with me but also functions as a smokey-eye palette.


Yes, I went a little crazy with lipsticks. I guess I'm really a lipstick person cause a different shade can instantly change your look. A variety of lipstick colors and finish is very ideal for travelers who don't have time to do eye makeup. I decided to bring bold colors since it's Spring!

(TOP L-R: LA Colors Caramel Cream, L'oreal Glamshine, MAC Morange, Topshop Rio Rio, MAC Russian Red, Sephora Mr. Lover, Ever Bilena Pink Flame, ELF Seductive, Revlon Matte Mauve it Over, ELF Gypsy, LA Colors Amethyst)
(BOTTOM L-R: LA Colors LipPencil, The Face Shop Coral Gloss, NYX Soft Matte Cream Addis Ababa, Revlon Lipgloss, Nude Gloss, Blistex Liptone, Fashion 21 Nude Lip Liner)
a. MAC Russian Red - perfect red lipstick for me
b. Topshop Rio Rio - The orange tinge is a pick me upper

a. Sephora Mr. Lover - Fucshia just brightens up one's face
b. Ever Bilena in Pink Flame - Simple and wearable pink
c. ELF Lipsticks (in Seductive and Gypsy) - Nothing too bold. Perfect for au naturelle looks. :)

a. MAC Morange - screaming Pantone orange!!!
b. LA Lipstick in Caramel Cream

There are useful when I wanna wear a smokey-eyes look.
a. L'oreal - more coral-y
b. Revlon Matte in Mauve it Over - pinkish tone

Gloss and Lip liners - If you want to add more dimension to your lips, just pop on these products and see the change. Plus, liners keep your liptick from bleeding.


1. When choosing the makeup products for your trip, always keep in mind the purpose. Is it for leisure? Business? Performance?
2. Know the season/weather!
3. Pack according to the duration of our stay. However, packing light is still the best option. ;)
4. Bring versatile and multi-purpose products. Like a lip and cheek stain! Foundation with SPF!
5. The smaller the better, that's why there is such thing as travel size. Depotting an ample amount in small containers will also help you with baggage space and weight problems.
6. Lastly, enjoy! Makeup packing doesn't always have to be so stressful. Try to explore different looks while travelling. Creativity is the key! :)

There you go! I hope you enjoyed peeking into my travel essentials.

Let me hear your travel must-haves or even nightmares. :)

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Watch out for my collective haul post from my recent trip.



  1. naloka ako s dala mong make up sis! :) I thought i pack too much make up whenever i travel pero mey malala p pla skn. heheh. :)
    love it!

    1. Haha! Iba talaga pag makeupjunkie! I made sure that I brought everything I need. :)) Don't worry, pag short trips mas konti ang dala ko. Lol

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