Friday, September 16, 2011

Jeng and Dek

Here's a post about my 2nd Pre-nup client (January 2011). Dek and Jeng just tied the knot last September 10, 2011 (Yes, 9-10-11! Cool right?). The Pre-nup location was at the classic and beautiful Fort Santiago!

 Jeng wanted something natural and fresh. She's naturally pretty that's why I didn't have a hard time putting up this look.
The brows are perfect for her hair color (I used MAC Girl Boy). Of course, Dek had to be groomed as well.

 I love this photo!

Dek and Jeng both work and live in Singapore. They took advantage of the long weekend (Chinese New Year I think?) and flew home to have their Pre-nup photoshoot. They even gave me a present from Singapore! It was my favorite Barbecue Pork Jerky from Bee Cheng Hiang. How thoughtful of them! :)

I was by the way accompanied by my good friend, Chrissie. Since we're near Chinatown, we went there to have authentic Chinese food for lunch!

Pardon me for the late posts, I've been busy with work and Glee Club. I really really want to share so many things about my makeup ventures so please bear with me if they are quite outdated and overdue. LOL Oh yeah! My reviews! I'll try to do it this weekend. I hope you're still patient enough to wait for it. :D


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