Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Who doesn't know Barbie? Even the boys know this almost-perfect Icon. I distinctly remember me and my sister always asking for a new Barbie doll every Christmas. We'd always get the latest model and be so excited playing together. Well, those are my childhood memories. I think, we're too old to own one. Haha!

This shoot is sort of my tribute to my favorite childhood toy. Ave Royd loved the idea and decided that we collaborate once more. We got 2 pretty girls(who also love Barbie by the way) to play as Barbie dolls. And they perfectly fit the pegs!

Friends from the Glee Club visited us again to take a few BTS shots.

Without further ado...

I used green for Steff's eyes and the color perfectly compliments her skin tone.

Barbie is all about pretty face and.... PINK! I surely used a lot of pink hues for this shoot.
I love how their eyes pop, just like Barbie's.

You have to agree with me, they actually look like twins or sisters.

That ends the 1st part of our Doll-inspired shoot. Watch out for my next entry for the 2nd part that I'm sure you'll also love. :)

Photos by: Ave Royd Santiago
Make-up and Hair by: Yours truly

Aileen Belmonte and Steff Genato
Acknowledgement: Abby Co, Issa Juni and Rey Sanchez

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