Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Bonjour! Bienvenue sur mon blog!

Ok. I don't really speak French. I only know a few phrases like Merci Beaucoup, Je m'appelle Glacey etc. But don't get me wrong, this post is not French 101. Lol. This by the way, is the continuation of my Dollface entry. These photos were also taken the same day as the Barbie photos (yes, exhausting). It means, I had to do 2 looks for each model.

It was a fun photoshoot for the 2 models cause they were able to play dress up, just like dolls. Both girls are very stylish and fashionable. The clothes they brought were just perfect for the photoshoot. :)

I smokey-fied their eyes and pulled up their hair to show their pretty face.

I really like the green eyeshadow on Steff, don't you?
The Chictopia Style Icon, working it!

The tulle skirt, lace top and chiffon ribbon were a perfect doll combination!
Notice the lower lashes? I literally have to draw them. Very Twiggy right?
My favorite photo :)

These girls really did the job! They were just perfect for the theme.
Up next, a feature about the Ateneo College Glee Club's photoshoot for the European Tour last April - June 2011. I'll be posting some details regarding our recent victory in Europe too. So I hope you read it as well. :)

Photos by: Ave Royd Santiago
Make-up and Hair by: Yours truly
Models: Aileen Belmonte and Steff Genato
Acknowledgement: Abby Co, Issa Juni and Rey Sanchez

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