Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beth and JR ♥

Here is another 1st! Don't you just love the fact that I'm doing something new every time I post an entry? Haha!

This is my 1st time to accept a Pre-nup photoshoot. One of my closest friends (Beth) in the office offered me to do her make-up for her pre-nup shoot. I was hesitant because I am afraid to screw up. But i said to myself "Wth, let's do this!". And I said yes! It was a super fun shoot! Beth and JR really make a good couple (they got married last March btw). They're fun-filled, youthful and game for everything. The theme of the shoot says it all.

My favorite photo :)

I also met new friends who were equally fun. Thank you Beth and JR for trusting me! I wish you both a bountiful married life! :)

Photos by: Mad Minds Photography
MUA: Yours truly

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