Monday, July 9, 2012

Product Review: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner ( A New Fine Favorite)

Happy Monday everyone! We all hate Mondays, don't we? I just had a huge fight with EDSA traffic this morning. Ugh. Well, I hope this post will somehow lessen your hatred cause we all want a lovely start.

This post will give you my full-length review on a relatively new product of Maybelline. If you still remember, I've been in search for a good liquid liner after trying out E.L.F. pen liners. Good news! Looks like I've found it! It's getting raves already from different bloggers and makeup gurus because of its quality. I am so happy that Maybelline Philippines brought it here.

Sorry for the faded packaging, it's been sitting in my kit everyday.

The Maybelline Hypersharp Liner is a liquid pen liner with 0.05mm brush tip. Insane right? They really mean it when say Hypersharp. I actually discovered this product from a friend in the Glee Club, Geli. I borrowed hers when I forgot my Maybelline gel liner and actually thought that she bought it during our Europe trip. Was totally surprised when I knew that she got it from the Philippines. After that incident, I promised myself to buy that product once I'm home in Manila.

And I did! The best thing about it, I got it on sale! Woohoo! Ever since, I've been using it almost everyday.
That's what you call hypersharp!

Some people might find the grip intimidating but for me, pen liners are easier to manipulate. It's just like writing on a piece of paper. Hm, well, not really. LOL Seriously, it's easier than you think and hey, practice makes perfect right? The uber fine tip makes me ace eye lining (trust me, I rarely perfect eye lining). I can go really thin or even thick, go long or short. The possibilities are endless.

I tried to write different stroke intensity, from fine to thick.
After a few hours, I washed it with water and gave it a good rubbing. Look, it stayed! Not bad?

I also love how black and semi-matte it is. However, one thing they could improve is the packaging. It's not the best but I don't really care that much because the price and quality compensate.

Tried it on my upper lid and I didn't have a hard time doing my wing. :)
The fine tip can help you get close to the lash line.

1. Price! P399.00 and I even got it cheaper. (25% discount baby, P299)
2. Brush tip cause we all hate how felt tip liner loses its shape
3. Very very very fine tip
4. Opacity (Really black)
5. Staying power is superb and it doesn't budge ( I have oily lids btw)
6. Easy to clean

1. Cheap Packaging
2. Will need practice to master application but otherwise, you won't have problems with precision

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5

I have found the one, my HG eyeliner! I am so delighted to discover this drugstore product. Though it's not as versatile as gel liner,cause it's not advisable to use on your tight and water line, it still does the job.

Handy Tips:

1. When using pen liners, make sure your lids are matte to avoid smudging.
2. Though optional, you can use an eye primer to make your liner last longer.
3. Use the most stable hand when applying any liquid eyeliner.
4. Never tug your eyes during application. It may seem easier that way but it's not healthy for your skin. Tugging can result to sagging. Just keep your eye half open to define the natural shape of your eyes.
5. If you made a mistake, cotton swabs will be your hero.

I now have a new favorite eyeliner and I'm definitely purchasing again when I run out of it.

Have you tried this eyeliner yet? What do you think of it?

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  1. Awesome review! :) I am tempted to buy this now!
    I looooved their Gel Liner. Maybe I'll fall in love with this one too :)

    1. Thanks Jez! You should get one, it's worth it! I also love their gel liner but I like this one better. :)

  2. Just got this one and freakin best. Kudos to Maybelline for having this one.

  3. Hi!! Would you ever try L'oreal's Super Liner Perfect Slim pen though? Its a similar product and i would love it if you could do a review. :D

    1. I would love but I haven't seen one in the market. I'll try to check again if it's already available. Thanks for passing by. :)