Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paris le Jour (Collab with Ave Royd and Aileen Clarisse)

Hello everyone! How's your week going? Here's a quick post on another collab photo shoot with my dear friends.

When we were in Paris, we had a few hours to spare before our dreamy dinner cruise along the River Seine. With that, Ai, Ave and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot. Who wouldn't? Everyone dreams of a photo shoot in the streets of Paris, so we took advantage since we're there anyway.

Here are a BTS photos courtesy of Rina. We were so game to do it because I live in the same house with Ai. However, we were pressed for time cause we have to commute our way to the Eiffel. We initially planned to do it in Trocadero (with the Eiffel Tower as background) cause Ai had a concept in mind but an unfortunate incident happened. LOL Anyway, while waiting for the cruise to start, Ave decided to start shooting Ai.
Game face on! A few minutes left before the sun sets! :))
Still, Ai had the time to cheer us up and goof around

Here's a closer look at Ai's final makeup. Since Ai decided to use her flowy yellow pastel dress and it was a lovely SPring day, I opted for oranges and pinks to accentuate here features. Well, we were also inspired by the yummy colorful macarons of Laduree.
Ai has gorgeous almond eyes and simple eye makeup is actually enough to accentuate it. To pop it even more, I put falsies on the outer 2/3 of her eyes. I also used Barbie pink lipstick instead of fuchia since this color suits her better.
This fashion blogger never fails to amaze us with her outfits. :)

The Model and the MUA (We have the same color palette that day yellow and white)

After a few weeks, Ave finally released the photos. Gosh, I didn't imagine it will come out like this. I didn't even know he has a concept in mind. Don't you just love it? Props to Ave for another job well done! :D

Like I said, I always like working with this team cause the results are always gorgeous. Here are previous projects I had with them (Mademoiselle, Dollface and Heat).

That ends my post. Have a great week! :)

Bisoux! XX

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