Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's Go Vintage (ACGC Europe Tour 2012 Photoshoot

I'm not sure if I mentiond this but the Ateneo College Glee Club is coming back to Europe to compete in the European Grand Prix for Choral Music. Last May 2011, the ACGC won the Grand Prize in Varna, Bulgaria, qualifying them to the EGP 2012. EGP is like the FIFA of Choral World and one of the most prestigious choral competitions in the whole world.

I just want to make sure that you know the reason behind this shoot. And of course, to tell the world how proud I am of my ACGC family. Choral groups are not as aprreciated here in the Philippines and hopefully someday, Filipinos will know of the rich choral music tradition we have. We do have a lot of award-winning choirs here in the Philippines: Ateneo College Glee Club of course, Philippine Madrial Singers, Ateneo Chamber Singers, Imusicapella, UST Singers, UP Singing Ambassadors, Loboc Children's Choir  to name a few. 

Anyway, enough with the geeky choral (yes, I'm a choral geek) stuff. Ave, Miggi and I made sure that the photoshoot this year will be more "Bongga" since this is indeed a big year for the group. Last year's theme was Spring Glow (Click Here) so we promised that this year's theme will be very contrasting. On the way to our 1st meeting, I saw Bruno Mars's billboard ad for Bench. I fell in love with the shades  of brown. Perfect peg! Then Ave said that we could do vintage since Bruno Mar's campaign has that vibe. Miggi agreed with our proposal and added more elements to the idea. We initially wanted a "Vintage Travellers" theme but the logistics will be more difficult since we'll be needing old big luggage to recreate the effect. After costume inspections and online research, here are the final photos.

Below are the groups shots of each voice section and committee. My traincase has a cameo in the Alto 1 photo. Hihi! Even without the elaborate props, we still achieved our vision for the shoot. Galing mo Ave!

The boys (Clockwise: Tenor 1, Bass 2, Tenor 2, Bass 1)
 Ze girls (Clockwise: Alto 2, Soprano 2, Alto 1, Soprano 1)
 Executive Committee and Tour Committee

I am super happy with the final photos! But more than anything else, I wanna commend and thank the members who were all cooperative (costume, makeup, props). Such great team players! Game na game talaga!

And of course, the headshots of the people I helped. I would like to particularly mention Liz's hair do. It's not perfect but the impromptu hairstyling I did was not bad. Haha! Ma'am Malou on the other hand looks like Gloria Diaz! Yes?

Miguel Yorro and Gorby Llado
Ma'am Malou Hermo and Josh
Liz Arcega (hair) and Eugene Soyosa
Yours truly :p

For my own hairstyle, I used a curling iron to create the waves and pin curled it for around 3 hours. I had to do the classic 1950's makeup look with my MAC Russian Red lipstick. Tell me guys if you want a tutorial on this look! :)

Finally, the ACGC group photo. We wanted it simpler this time. I personally like the contrast of the grass and the black clothes. Kudos Ave for another job well done! (check out his site)

There you go! Here are the official photos of the ACGC Europe Tour 2012. I will keep you updated on our upcoming activities in case you're interested.

72 days to go! Support the Philippines! Support the ACGC! :)

What do you think of the photos? Comments? Suggestions?

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  1. I LOVVEEEEEEEEEE doing photoshoots with boys! They're so fun to be around :)

    1. Hi Phoebe! You're right! It's actually funny how they all get into character and even exceed our expectations. LOL But in this case, I had fun working with both guys and girls. :)

  2. Wow. So you did Liz's hair? Ngayon ko lang nalaman. I thought nagpaSalon talaga siya.

    1. Yes dear! Haha! Impromptu hairstyling. She wanted that vintage hairstyle kaya I helped her. :)

  3. Loooooove it! It's so not the usual choir pictorial. Go Glee Club! And yes gumo-Gloria Diaz ang Mamalou! That's a great photo of her.

    I love vintage style too. I use MAC Ruby Woo instead of Russian Red. The color is great, but it just gets so dry that it's hard to put on. And when it's on it dries out my lips really quickly. Is Russian Red the same?

    1. Thanks Deepa! Ma'am Malou looks gorgeous talaga!

      I saw online that MAC Ruby Woo has a matte finish, similar with Russian Red's so I guess they both work the same. However, I make sure I swipe a layer of lip balm before I put it on and thankfully it didn't dry my lips. :)