Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Organic is IN (Human ♥ Nature Product Review)

One of my readers requested me to do a review of local products, specifically Human ♥ Nature. And as promised, let me give to you my very 1st HN product review. For those of you who are not aware of the brand, here's a quick overview.

"Gandang Kalikasan (a brainchild of Gawad Kalinga), Inc., the company that brings you the Human Nature range of natural beauty products is founded on three core principles of being PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR, & PRO-ENVIRONMENT.The company continues to strive for providing prosperity to the Philippines through successful and sustainable social enterprises and quality natural products for all Filipinos. "

Like other affiliates of GK, Human Nature employs GK residents and has started to work on a Human Nature organic farm in Bulacan.So when you buy their products, you're actually hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. You don't only give your skin a favor (because it's organic) but you also help you also give jobs to you're fellow Filipinos.

Luckily, I didn't have a hard time looking for dealers since I have a co-worker who's one. And since I'm new to the brand, I decided to buy only a couple of stuff in small quantities. My first purchases were the Balancing Facial Wash and Toner.

Balancing Facial Wash

Let me start with the Balancing Facial Wash. I always have a hard time looking for facial wash that's gentle on my skin. But I also want something that will not only remove the dirt but also the deep-seated stuff that clog my pores. The Balancing Facial Wash made from Orange and Elemi has slight gel consistency with little bamboo scrubs. This product promises to lessen oil production, which means less chances for pimples to grow.

You don't need to worry because the fine scrubs doesn't hurt at all. I also love the smell it leaves my skin after washing. It gives a minty feeling (but doesn't sting) that's very refreshing. And the best part is, it doesn't make my skin squeaky/tight. Here's my overall review of the product:

1. Affordable (Php79.75/50ml ; Php194.75/200ml)

2. It's Organic (No harmful chemicals)
3. It's locally made (Pro-Filipino)
4. Which means that it's also locally available
5. Refreshing scent ( I have a friend who uses this 3/day because of the smell and feeling it gives)
6. Very fine exfoliator
7. Doesn't leave a squeaky/tight feeling
8. Effectively removes dirt and light makeup
9. Controls oil on my skin throughtout the day

NONE! Seriously! I've been using this everyday and I've seen how much my skin has improved ever since.

Overall Rate: 5 out 5
And yes, I will repurchase it. I just emptied my bottle and my new one is on its way. I would specifically recommend this product to those who have combination and sensitive skin like me. :)

Balancing Face Toner

Now, on to the Balancing Face Toner. I am not really a user of Toners. I always associated toners with alcohol and astringent. But after I used Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner Light Toner, I realized that not all toners have that smell and harsh effect on my skin. When I ran out of the Laneige Toner, I decided to try out the Balancing Face Toner since Laneige's is quite expensive.
Just like the counterpart facial wash, the smell is soooo refreshing! Aside from that, I don't get scared of applying it because it's alcohol free. Hooray! Maybe it's better if we summarize my points:

1. Again.. affordable (Php99.75/100ml ; Php174.75/200ml)

2. Same with Facial Wash's #2-#4
3. Removes the excess dirt and oil left after washing
4. Still keeps my skin moisturized

1. Doesn't completely remove all the makeup left

2. Can live without it (Hihi!)

Overall Rate: 4 out of 5
It is a good product but it's not a must-have for me. I still achieve the same effect from the Balancing Facial Wash even when I'm not using it. Like I told you, I am not really a fan of toners. Also, I found a better toner that I'm using now which I will soon reveal. But if you're looking for a toner that's alcohol free and gentle, you should definitely try out this one. :)

***The Balancing Facial Wash and Toner are recommended for people with oil/combination skin. If you have dry skin, check out their Hydrating Facial Wash and Toner.***

By the way, I forgot to mention that Human ♥ Nature products are now available at Beauty Bar and Rustan's Supermarket. I also want to warn you that shopping Human Nature products is kinda addicting. After purchasing these,I actually ordered for other products (yes, reviews will be posted). There were a few misses but there were also great ones. Here's a link to their site: http://www.humanheartnature.com/ You'll find a lot of interesting products (even for babies) that may suit your needs.

Well, that ends my first Human Nature product review (and my 1st 2012 post). I hope this post was helpful. Please watch out for more product reviews to come. The list is longer now that I don't know which ones to prioritize. Anyway, that only means that I have so many things to blog about, and that's a blessing! Hope I can finish them all before I release my 2011 Favorites. :) Happy New Year, everyone! Let's all aim for POSITIVITY! ♥

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  1. Hi! I was just wondering if you have also tried their makeup line? I have oily and acne-prone skin and i'm looking for cosmetic products that will help cover up my acne and if possible, lessen or prevent breakouts. Thank you!