Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Product Review: MAC Impassioned Lipstick (Pink-Coral Crush)

Hooray for the 1st day of August, my birth month! Well I'm not really trying to tell you that my birthday is soon. :)) Anyhoo, this is another product review for all the lipstick lovers out there. Like other girls, I'm crazy for MAC lipsticks. I don't have as much but I can safely say that it's my favorite of all brands.
(borrowed from MAC website)

This MAC lipstick is one of the most coveted shades for this year because of it's bright pink-coral tinge that suits pantone tangerine. And as I have observed, I've seen so many pink-coral shades even in runways. MAC Impassioned has an a Amplified finish (my favorite finish) so you definitely have no problems with the pigmentation. Again, it is bold but I would say that this one is more wearable than Morange and even bright fuchsia lipsticks. Though it's not a color for all seasons, it's still a good addition to one's kit. I've been a fan of bold lipsticks ever since and thankfully, these colors compliment my tan skin.
It looks orange cause of the sun light

I have been searching for a pink coral lipstick for so long and this baby definitely answered my wish. I had this purchased all the way from the USA when our vocal coach went there for her sister's wedding. Yes, it is locally available but we all know that MAC is cheaper there.
(Swatches L-R: 1 and 2 swipes look the same to me cause of its opacity)

1. Pigmentation
2. Staying power is great
3. Since this has Amplified finish, it glides easily during application
4. True to the color on the tube
5. Bright and Bold
6. Doesn't dry my lips
7. Affordable for the quality ($14.50 in the US/P995 here in PH)
8. Permanent line for MAC

1. Not as versatile because of it's brightness and color.

Overall: 4.75 out of 5
That's me wearing MAC Impassioned (with the lovely Ai) during our dinner cruise in Paris
Trying it out with neutral eyes... check out my tutorial on this look

My love affair with bold lipsticks continues. I hope you girls could try it too. Aside from foundation and concealer, lipstick is something I splurge on mainly because it can make or break my whole look. I normally pair this lipstick with warm neutral shades to keep the attention to my lips.

I'm thinking of buying MAC Rebel and Spice lipsticks (available only online). What do you think?

Are you willing to try out this lipstick? What's your favorite MAC lipstick shade?


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  1. Hi Glacey! :) I love your blog! hehe I'm including it in my daily dose of beauty blogs hehe This lipstick looks lovely. I think it's perfect for when you've gotten tired of the usual bright red lipstick already. Personally, I'm leaning towards a more muted version of this. Or something more coral. I want to try MAC's Crosswires or Bobbi Brown's Guava or Sweet Nectar :D This looks good on you, though! Looking forward to your posts ;)

    -Denise A.

    1. Hi Denise! You also blog pala! Thanks a lot! I think so too! I've been trying out other colors other than red. It's kinda refreshing actually. I've been crazy with bold lipsticks lately. Oh. I'll try to check out those shades. Thanks again for passing by! :)

  2. It looks gorgeous and suits just any skintone. I'm definitely trying it out when I go to MAC.

    1. It does! I'm sure it would look good on you. :D

  3. Is the shade similar to nyx's antwerp?

    1. Hello! Not really. Impassioned is definitely bolder and pinker. Antwerp is more ideal for daily use. :)

  4. ah amazing review I just reviewed this too, i love it. I hope you can check out my beauty blog too xx
    UK Beauty Blogger