Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Makeup Portfolio: Fusion Fashion Show

Last July 28, I was invited by a former schoolmate (Jez Panaligan) to be one of the makeup artists for a fashion show that she organized with other photographers. The fashion show featured 2 online clothing stores namely Jaciendera and CeSa.

I did Sarah (the 2nd girl from the left) and Jcn's (last girl from the left) hair and makeup that night. :)

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Fusion was a whole day event with an open shoot in the afternoon and fashion show in the evening. I gladly said yes to this event cause it's another great opportunity to grow my folio as well as to meet new artsy people. Oh, and another schoolmate who recently graduated makeup school was also there as HMUA. Hello Denise!

Photo by Jez Panaligan

I was assigned to do the makeup of 2 models for the night. Since the collection from both designers is summer inspired, I opted for a look that's dainty and versatile but will still pop on stage. I wanted to make sure that the makeup will still be visible even with the spot lights on.

Honestly, I didn't have a hard time doing Jcn and Sarah's makeup cause they are naturally gorgeous. ;)

Overall, I loved the looks I did and I had FUN (It's important that I did/do!). I really wanted to stay and enjoy the open bar by Pulse Mobile Bar but unfortunately, my splitting headache was killing me.

If you guys know organizers who need HMUAs in events like this, do let me know. Just e-mail me at That ends my blog post today. I hope you enjoyed reading this one.


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  1. Thanks for joining FUSION, Glacey! :)
    More projects to come! :D

    1. I agree Jez! It was great working with you. More more more! :D

  2. Hellooo! :) It was a fun night, indeed. Thanks again for helping me out with one of my model's hair :D Hope I get the chance to work with you on another gig hehe God bless!

  3. One of my frustrations is doing my own make-up. Nice blog! :)

    Daughter of Summer,

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