Monday, September 17, 2012

Makeup Tutorial: Winged Eyeliner In Just 5 Steps

Who loves winged eyeliner? I do! I do! It can simply change your look and add instant oomph to your droopy eyes. However, it's not as easy as it sounds. Today, I'll give you a few techniques on how I do it and hopefully this method will also work for you.

Yes, just 5 steps to follow!

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Here are the things you need for this tutorial:
1. Black eyeliner of any kind (choose the type you're most comfortable with)
* For this tutorial, I used Maybelline's Hypersharp Liner. I suggest that you use an eyeliner with sharp tip for a more precise application.

2. Cotton Buds - just in case you create a mistake
3. Makeup remover - to help remove the mess
Step 1:
Basically, we want an liner that's thin from the inner corner and gets thicker towards the flick. So, start in the middle of your upper lid until the outer corner. Why? Lining your eyes in the middle will give you a more precise base for your wing liner.This way, you can estimate the shape and thickness that you want for you liner. If you want it thinner, start thin in the middle.(Easier to mend in case you started it thick in the middle) Normally, you would start it from the inner corner, but once you mistakenly created a thick line, the rest will be thicker.

Step 2:
Draw the flick until you reached your desired length. Remember to start your flick at the outer end of your upper lids because this will compliment the natural shape of your eyes.

Step 3:
Connect the tip of your wing to the middle of your lids where you started your liner. As you can observe, I created a margin/stencil with an almost 'triangle' shape. Creating the margin will prevent you from going heavier than your desired thickness.

Step 4:
Fill in the gap of the shape that you created. Even out the edges for a smoother transition of the base to the wing.

Step 5:
Finally, line your eyes from the inner corner to connect it the middle part of your lid. Now it's easier to estimate how thin you'll be drawing your line from the inner corner.

Voila! A precise winged eyeliner! It will not be an easy attempt I tell you. I myself still make mistakes every now and then but this method made it easier for me to do it. Again, practice, practice, practice.

How it looks from different angle

1. Like I mentioned in my past entry, never ever tug your lids. Do yourself a favor if you don't want wrinkles to develop on your eyelids. Here's a better alternative: Get a mirror and place it below your face (or simply face a wall mirror) then tilt your head back. This will give you full access to your lids without tugging it.

2. Don't be afraid to commit mistakes and be ready with a cotton bud with makeup remover. We all learn from it anyway, don't we? There are now products out in the market that you can use to clean up the mess (i.e. Tony Moly Simply Style Makeup Eraser).

3.To bind the lashes and your winged eyeliner, fill in your tightline with waterproof black pencil liner. You'd look funny if there's a thin gap between your lashes and your lids.

I hope you learned something from my tutorial today. Don't hesitate to comment below and ask for clarifications if I confused you somewhere.

It's been a fun weekend for me and I can't wait to share with you what happened. How was your weekend ladies?

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  1. Hi Ms. Glacey! I love sporting a winged liner and this tutorial is very helpful. I need to practice more though. Thank you for this! <3

    1. Thank you Maine! Yes, practice makes perfect! :)